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How To Enable Keyboard Light In Dell Laptop?

One of the most essential accessories for any laptop is a keyboard light. This can make typing in dim lighting more comfortable and help increase productivity.

In this article, we’ll show you how to enable the keyboard light on your Dell laptop.

In Dell laptops, the keyboard light can be turned on and off through the settings menu. When the keyboard light is on, it will show a blue light next to the key that is lit.

When the keyboard light is off, it will not show a light next to the key that is lit.

What is the keyboard light?

The keyboard light is a light that comes on when you press the key on the keyboard. This is helpful when you are working in a dark room or you are using a laptop at night.

Some people prefer using the keyboard light. Using the keyboard light gives them a more convenient way of typing.

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Why the keyboard light is important for night typing

It’s no secret that night typing can be difficult. Even with excellent lighting, your fingers can be difficult to see in the dark. That’s why many people turn on the keyboard light when they work at night or in a dark room.

If you’re using a Dell laptop, there are a few things you can do to enable the keyboard light.

Method 1: Enable Backlit Keyboard on Dell from BIOS

  1. Restart your Dell and press the F2 key to go directly to the BIOS.
  2. Look under Keyboard and select Dim or Bright, depending on what you want to do.
  3. Click Exit. If prompted, select Yes to save the changes.
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Method 2: Turn On/Off Keyboard backlit on Dell by a Keyboard Shortcut

Enabling your keyboard light using the Dell shortcut is quite easy. You just need to locate the right key, depending on the model of your laptop.

As you’ll remember, we spoke about this a bit before but let’s take another look at it because it will help to explain what we mean by “model”.

Just like cars have different models and they serve different functions, so do laptops! There are various shortcuts that use the function keys of your Dell computer in order to activate its backlight.

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Turning on and off your backlit keyboard is easy. To activate your Dell laptop’s backlit function keys, look for the glowing rectangle icon on the F5/F6/F8 keys depending on what model laptop you have and then follow two easy steps to do so.

(the quickest way to find out which key has it is by looking for an icon that looks like a glowing rectangle).

What if a Dell’s Keyboard Light Won’t Turn On?

If the correct key on your keyboard doesn’t turn on or adjust your keyboard light, there are two different ways you can approach this issue.

The first way is to change it in Windows Mobility settings which also isn’t always available in Windows Mobility settings, as it’s an option selected by computer manufacturers before the Windows Operating system gets installed.

If you don’t see the option in Windows Mobility settings and you don’t have a manufacturer-specific utility app to change this function.

How to fix this:

  1. In Windows 10, press ⊞ Win + X and click Mobility Center.
  2. After the pop-up menu appears, locate the Keyboard Brightness section and click it.
  3. Now move the slider to increase or decrease the brightness as per your requirements.


Q. Is a backlit keyboard necessary?
A. Backlit keyboards are important on laptops for many different reasons, including but not limited to their mobile nature.

Because of the possibility of having to work on your laptop in darker environments which you might not have planned for, you may need access to a backlit keyboard since it will illuminate the keys so that you can see them clearly even when there is poor lighting.

Q. Does every laptop have a keyboard light?
A. No, not every laptop has a keyboard light. But most laptops these days have them.

Q. Do PC RGB lights waste electricity?
A. RGB lights do not use more electricity because they operate under the same kind of power as other lighting devices.

Q. Does a backlit keyboard really make a difference?
A. Yes, it does! You can see the difference clearly in the video below.

Q. How safe is the backlit keyboard?
A. Backlit keyboards are considered very safe and they have been used in many laptops for more than 5 years now in the industry.

Q. Does backlight increase productivity?
A. Yes, it does! You can see the difference clearly in the video above. So if you have ever wondered whether or not backlit keyboards really make a difference, we encourage you to watch this short and informative video to see for yourself!


Dell is a well-known brand in the computer and laptop devices world. They are famous for their high-quality laptop devices. One of the unique features that they provide on their laptops is the keyboard light.

This feature will provide you with some light on your keyboard so that you can easily type in the dark. Though this feature is really a useful one, the keyboard light of a Dell laptop is disabled by default so that if you have enabled it, it will consume the extra battery of your laptop.

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