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Gaming Mouse vs Normal Mouse – The Difference Explained

Gaming mice are unique in their features and design. They come with advanced features that help improve your gaming experiences, such as CPI (continuous pulse-width modulation) or polling rate (how often your mouse sends information to the computer).

This article breaks down the difference between a typical mouse and a gaming mouse. In addition to the standard mouse buttons, there are some special function keys you should know about here you can see the full guide on Gaming Mouse DPI.

Differences Between Gaming Mice And Normal Mice

The most notable difference between gaming mice and normal mice is the shape and size of the sensor. Gaming mice typically have a smaller sensor than regular mice, which allows for more responsive and accurate movement.

Additionally, gaming mice often come with additional buttons or features that allow for more in-depth control over your game.

Gaming mice are categorized into different types, some of which are more common than others. The most notable of these is the optical gaming mouse, which employs advanced sensors and software to determine how a mouse is being used and provide users with the necessary control.

Optical gaming mice generally come with additional buttons or features that allow for even more customizable control over a user’s game.

Other types of gaming mice include laser mice, which employ an internal laser light source that allows for accurate movement in dark environments, and ambidextrous mice, which do not require users to move their hands in order to change the cursor direction.

Importance of a gaming mouse

Regular mice are designed for regular computer use, while gaming mice are designed specifically for gaming. Gaming mice have faster sensors that can track movement more accurately, and they typically have more buttons and extra features than a regular mouse.

They’re also designed to be comfortable and lightweight, so you can move them around easily.

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Whether you’re in for a long haul or just want something to help get through a few hours of IRL gaming before your next big match, we’ve got gaming mice that hand for comfort and high-performance, as well as gaming keyboards that fit comfortably in your hand.

How To Choose The Right Mouse For Gaming

Gaming mice come in all shapes and sizes, but what makes them different from regular mice is their design.

Gaming mice are designed with a higher sensitivity than regular mice in order to provide a more responsive gaming experience. They also typically have extra buttons or features that make them more suitable for gaming.

In general, there are three types of gaming mice: optical, laser, and tracking.

Optical mice use lasers to track the movement of the mouse on a surface.
Laser mice are more accurate than optical mice, but they require a clear surface to work best. Tracking mice use sensors to track the movement of the mouse on a surface and feed that information into the computer.

They are less accurate than optical or laser mice, but they are less sensitive to movement and don’t require a clear surface.

The type of mouse you choose depends on your needs. If you want the most responsive gaming experience possible, choose a gaming mouse. If you’re looking for an overall good mouse that’s good for everyday use, go with a regular mouse. And if you want something in between, choose a tracking mouse.


Q. What are the features of a good gaming mouse?
A. Choosing a gaming mouse for the first time can be a difficult task. Large companies like Logitech and SteelSeries have invested millions into researching what makes a good mouse for these specific purposes so it’s definitely an important investment.

Here are must-have features any mouse with that label should have no matter the price if you’re looking to maximize enjoyment during your playtime.

  1. Sensor.
  2. DPI.
  3. Poll Rate.
  4. Tracking Speed.
  5. Build type and Size.
  6. Wired/Wireless.
  7. Programmable Buttons.
  8. Weight Customization.

Q. Is there a way to calibrate a mouse?
A. Yes. Almost every mouse comes with a driver or software which allows customizing the mouse to fit your needs.

Be it the pointer speed, double click settings, the polling rate, etc. The best way to calibrate the mouse is by looking at your movements and settings.

You can do so by setting the pointer speed slow and then extending your arms parallel to the floor and moving the mouse slowly in circles. If the pointer moves slowly, increase the pointer speed by turning the wheel on the mouse.

Q. What is mouse accel?
A. Mouse Accel is the speed at which the pointer on your screen moves when you move your mouse. Normally it is set on default, so you can set a higher value if you want your pointer to move faster on screen.

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A regular mouse is just a gaming mouse on steroids. It has more buttons and it’s designed for hardcore gaming.

A gaming mouse is made specifically for gamers, so it’s got better sensors and more features than a regular mouse. Gaming mice also come with custom weights so they feel like they’re comfortable when you’re using them for hours on end.

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